Vaccination Programs

The risk of employees’ exposure to biological agents is recorded in the Occupational Risk Assessment Study and obliges the employer to provide the option of vaccination to employees, as specified in P.D. 186/1995. Vaccination must be implemented in compliance with specific standards, such as the schedule of booster or repeated doses and the time intervals. Our company’s health professionals conduct vaccinations either at the workplace or in GEP medical office, while keeping relevant directories and providing to employees personal vaccination bulletins.

Depending on the work nature, the following vaccinations are usually conducted:


  • Tetanus vaccine for employees working in outdoor areas, exposed to risk of injury, builders, farmers
  • Hepatitis B vaccine for health professionals, employees working in research laboratories, cleaning services’ workers, employees involved in the collection and treatment of wastewater
  • Hepatitis A vaccine for health professionals, employees involved in the collection and treatment of wastewater, food handlers (as a public health measure), employees working in institutions and nurseries, plumbers
  • Influenza vaccine for health professionals, teachers and persons with medical risk-related history and respiratory problems