Underground Technical Project's Safety

According to Presidential Decree. 225/1989 regarding health and safety in underground technical projects, Chapter H', Article 26, the project owner is obliged to ask the project’s contractor to conduct a Study of Health & Safety Measures, under a contractual term, before awarding the execution of the project. The contractor must conduct the Study of Health & Safety Measures within thirty days from the contract signature and, in any case, before the beginning of the works. The contractor has to submit the Study of Health & Safety Measures to the project owner and the Labour Inspectorate.


The Study of Health & Safety Measures should include a provision of the general risks for employees’ health and safety, the risks during the project execution, as well as the measures necessary in order to prevent these risks. The following should be at least recorded:

  • The analysis of the construction process in phases
  • The work methods in each phase
  • The shoring methods’ analysis
  • The access to the worksite
  • Ventilation and lighting study
  • Location of flammable and explosive materials’ storage

Each individual subcontractor has to conduct a Health & Safety Plan for the part of the underground technical project he has undertaken. The Health & Safety Plan is submitted by the subcontractor to the entire project’s supervisor and subcontractor. In case there is no supervisor or subcontractor for the entire project, then the subcontractor submits the Health & Safety Plan to the project client, before the beginning of the works in the specific part of the underground technical project.