The manpower of GEP consists of executives with extensive experience in the design and implementation of training seminars for personnel, oriented to the specific needs of modern business.

GEP can assess each business’s current working practices and identify any training requirements that need to be met in order to comply with both good working practice and occupational health and safety and environmental legislation. The company is able to provide a wide range of courses, plus also develop bespoke courses tailored to meet the specific training requirements of each enterprise.

The company’s experienced trainers can guarantee the training effectiveness. Both the trainers and the training seminars are under constant evaluation. Each training seminar has a measurable result. After training, the participants are analytically assessed by the trainer, so that the company can be informed of the training result.

It should be pointed out that GEP has developed training sessions that the employee can attend with the use of distance learning, remotely by using electronic communication (e-learning).