Safety Report SEVESO - Notification

The SEVESO Directive concerns the safety issues for industrial facilities and the major accidents involving dangerous substances. The aim of the Seveso Directive is two-fold. Firstly, the directive aims at the prevention of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances. Secondly, as accidents do continue to occur, the directive aims at the limitation of the consequences of such accidents not only for man (safety and health aspects) but also for the environment (environmental aspect).

At European level, the SEVESO III Directive has been recently published (Directive 2012/18/ΕC), which is expected to be harmonized in the Greek legal framework until May, 2015.

In Greece, for the time being, the SEVESO II Directive (Directive 96/82/EC) is being applied, through the Common Ministerial Decision 12044/613/2007 on "Establishment of measures and conditions for the prevention and control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances” as it has been amended by the Goverenment Gazette Issue No. 376Β. All industrial facilities coming under the scope of the SEVESO II Directive need to conduct and send the Notification or the Safety Report to the competent authorities, depending on the existing quantities of dangerous substances.


The Notification contains a brief presentation of the facility information, the stored quantities of dangerous substances and the assessment of the potential for a major accident, due to the facility’s location and its proximity to other hazardous facilities (Domino effect).

The Safety Report includes more detailed information:

  • The facility’s environment (e.g. geographic location, meteorological data, geological information, neighboring facilities)
  • The processes applied in the facility and the production methods
  • The dangerous substances (e.g. chemical name, physical, chemical, toxicological characteristics, chemical behavior)
  • The risk of accident and the preventive measures
  • The consequences’ extent and severity
  • The protection and intervention measures in order to limit the accident’s consequences (e.g. equipment, alarm response)

GEP, with a team of specialized executives having significant experience in the risk assessment for various activities’ industrial facilities, can undertake the conduction of the above mentioned studies (Notification and Safety Report).