Safety Culture Survey

GEP, as the leading company in Occupation Health & Safety area, is able to provide specific & high-level scientific services in fields where all modern and dynamic enterprises that are developing their activities within international environment are interested in.


Within this context, GEP has developed and implemented a special program regarding evaluation of Safety Culture current level in enterprises of all types. The program is entitled “Safety Culture Survey & Beyond”, (SCS & B).


For the rational development of a company is a prerequisite to have a correct strategic planning and specific targeting. However, the adoption of appropriate targets depends on accurate assessment of the current situation.


The questions are specifically:


"Where do I stand?"; "Where do I aim to go?”; "Which is the route that I’d follow?”; "Does that route provides the expected results or I’d proceed to changes?”.


By applying the program for safety culture/climate level evaluation, GEP is able to provide specific and measurable answers to these questions, and strategic planning proposals for reliable application of solutions concerning the improvement and development of H&S at the enterprises.

Schematically the program “Safety Culture Survey & Beyond” could be imprinted with the following cycle:

Each corporate body shall have a degree (level) of "safety culture". The safety culture is not one-dimensional but characterizes the entire organization and runs through all phases of operation, regardless of immediate and obvious involvement with the risks or not, whether it comes to design, financial services, management of human resources, production, maintenance, sales, marketing or any other area may exist within the complex operation of a modern and dynamic company.


The three basic safety culture aspects (components) that define corporation’s safety culture are:


The recognition and evaluation of "safety culture" level is an analytical and systematic work. For the application of this survey sufficient time is required, especially in companies and organizations that are either numerous, or are active in many different places or countries, or have extensive organizational structure and also different functions (e.g. administration, production, research, sales, etc.). However, “safety climate” which gives a snapshot of “safety culture” is often assessed, providing a focused image which is at the same time a clear indication of the state of whole situation regarding safety in the enterprise.


For the implementation of the Safety Culture Survey, GEP uses reliable and widely accepted diagnostic-research tools, which are officially included in the “Occupational Safety and Health culture assessment - A review of main approaches and selected tools” by EU-OSHA. The survey results reveal images and information that cannot be seen and identified by other methods, e.g. the level of communication between people, administration and employees’ commitment to safety, effectiveness of structures and systems, and more.


With the implementation of the project SCS & B, the management of the company acquires full and clear picture of the current situation regarding H&S. Following to that, management is able to decide and mainly to design the next steps, based on specific evidences and focusing on targets, avoiding loose of time and non-useful costs.


Depending on the results of “Safety Culture Survey & Beyond” program and the strategic planning that will be proposed, the company may decide either to follow options such as application of Behavior-Based Safety programs or other safety improvement approaches regarding technical, organizational and human resources that determine the final overall performance in Occupational Health & Safety.



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