Occupational Risk Assessment

According to the Law 3850/2010 «Ratification of the code of laws on health and safety of employees», Article 43, the employer must have at his disposal a written assessment of the existing risks for health and safety at work, including those that refer to employees exposed in extreme risks.


The Occupational Risk Assessment, apart from employer’s obligation, consists one of the most important tools for the effective Occupational Health and Safety Management. It contains all working conditions related information, from the description of the production process to the determination of harmful agents, including the information regarding the effect of the working environment to the human health.



The aim of the study is the identification of the hazards created at work and the evaluation of the risks associated with these hazards, so as to determine the measures necessary for the protection of the employees’ health and safety, having due regard to legislative requirements.


GEP has extensive experience and expertise in the conduction of Occupational Risk Assessment Studies, through its long course and provision of similar services in enterprises from all sectors of economic activity.