According to Law 3850/2010 «Ratification of the code of laws on health and safety of employees»,  Article 37, the employer must be aware of the risks arising from the agents that are used or can be generated in the workplace and may negatively affect the employers' health.

Base on Law 3850/2010, Article 36, agent means any chemical, physical or biological agent present at work and likely to be harmful to employees' health or dangerous in another respect, regardless of its physical condition.


According to Article 38 of the above mentioned law, the employer must monitor the concentration or intensity of any agents at the workplace, as well as the workers' exposure level of these agents, before the begining of max=chinery operation and at regular intervals during machinery operation.


The measurement of the agents at the working environment comprises an important factor of the adaptation of adequate prevention and protection measures for the risks associated with agents. The enterprise must record these measurement results in a special book (book of agents).


GEP can carry out the following measurements at the workplace:


Apart from the above mentioned measurements at the working environment, GEP can also undertake a wide range of special measurements, such as:

  • Environmental measurements (e.g. noise, air quality, wastewater analysis)
  • Ground resistance measurements ρήσεις γείωσης
  • Water analysis


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