ISO 9001:2015

Quality for many years is being recognized as an important parameter for business development. It comprises a significant tool for the development of competitive products and services. In Greece, quality management has become widely known and is being increasingly incorporated in businesses’ operation.


In a competitive market and under these difficult economic conditions, the profitable operation of a business is directly linked to its ability to provide to the customer and end-consumer products and services that effectively meet their needs and desires.

Taking into account that the consumer has now access to products and services offered by enterprises and organizations that are thousands of miles away, adherence to the microcosm of national markets and domestic demand becomes obsolete. The effective quality management comprises a crucial factor for the development of enterprises’ internationalization.



Quality Management Basic Principles

GEP, having implemented a significant number of similar projects, has the experience and expertise to effectively support any enterprise or organization in the development of a quality management system, in order to be certified, according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.