GEP in your business

GEP provides solutions to all health and safety concern to the Greek business. GEP executives are fully aware of the Greek market and they are able to propose services focused to the conditions and needs of modern business. Health and safety services , are not only a typical obligation; they are necessary for the modern, efficient and safe operation of each business. They protect both employees from occupational risks and the companies from the consequences of a possible accident. The prevention of occupational risk and the improvement of working conditions based on health and safety standards comprise the prerequisites for a more efficient and productive working activity.

GEP executives can help you to identify toyr business's exact needs and requirements at the fields of occupational health & safety. Services of Safety Engineer / Safety Coordinator, Occupational Dotor, medical services, conduction of studies (eg occupational risk assessment, Safety & Health Plan / Safety & Health File, ATEX - Explosive Atmospheres' study, workplace safety signage study etc.) measurements, organization and implementation of training seminars, development of management systems, provision of ADR Advisors' services and other specialized services (e.g. work machinery lifting capacity certifications, issuing of license and registration number in work machinery, electrial installation's thermography e.t.c.) comprise a full range of services both necessary and useful for each enterprise. GEP can help companies find solutions in organization, operation and funding issues, by preparing their proposals for participation in NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) programs or other European and national subsidized programs.