GEP in Greece

GEP is the leading provider of occupational health and safety services in Greece. GEP provides high-quality services meeting the needs of modern business. The company provides services to more than 180,000 employees in 1,600 enterprises of all economic sectors, with a network of totally 9,000 facilities all over Greece.


GEP services cover all over Greece , with high precision, responsiveness and quality. The speed of response to the demands and needs of its customers and the geographic expansion of its network are important comparative advantages of GEP. Among GEP clients are banks, insurance companies, super markets, clothing companies, financial services, manufacturing, construction companies, refineries, hotels, service providers, renewable energy companies etc. GEP has a special department for scientific support and training of Safety Engineers, Occupational Doctors and all its executives implementing the company's projects. Trainers with long experience in the field of occupational health and safety pass their expertise to GEP executives. GEP executives in their turn keep all clients posted regarding the latest information of the sector, in order for them to able to address all issues related to occupational health and safety in a fast,  reliable and efficient manner.