Environmental Policy

GEP commits itself to lower negative influence on the environment, through the application of an Environmental Management System, according to the standard EN ISO 14001:2009.


GEP, taking into account that it can itself be a source of pollution and waste, is committed to the following:

  • Comply with environmental protection legislation
  • Reduce the waste production and ensure safe handling and disposal
  • Provide proper environmental training to its employees
  • Save natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials, the supply of recycled materials and the use of recyclable packaging and materials
  • Consume responsibly energy at all its operations
  • Protect the employees and the community, within which the company operates, by adopting environmentally safe technologies and operation procedures
  • Communicate its environmental protection commitment to its employees, suppliers, the public authorities and the community, within which the company operates
  • Constantly improve the company's Environmental Management System